Our Forum Rules

ATTENTION: This is just a test forum, which will later host the data from Freizeitgruppe-Bremen.de. Currently, this test forum contains the data of the original Freizeitgruppe as of 18.06.24 (3:20 PM). You can log in here on this page with your profile data and test as you like, write and delete posts. Please note that the contents of this test forum will be deleted from time to time, so please only edit real and important posts in the original forum!

Our Forum Rules

The rules on Freizeitgruppe Bremen describe the conditions for smooth operation, interaction among members, and the responsibilities of all members and guests.

Purpose of the Freizeitgruppe

We founded the Freizeitgruppe Bremen to create a platform where people from Bremen and the surrounding areas can exchange ideas, meet, and spend a few hours of their leisure time together. This Freizeitgruppe is organized privately by the two of us (Heike and Hajo), with no involvement from any club, company, or organization. We bear all costs for the server, domain, etc., privately.

Conditions for Registration and Participation

Anyone who meets the following conditions can register in this Freizeitgruppe:

  • The individuals registering must be personally known to us from the team before activation.

Reason: We want to keep the Freizeitgruppe manageable and personal. We want to prevent participation by unknown individuals, multiple account registrations, or misbehavior hidden behind anonymous accounts.

Those wishing to participate without personally knowing us can attend our public events, for which membership is not required (e.g., our bi-weekly Thursday evening meetings in Bremen, walks, etc.). See also the list of upcoming public events on the portal page. Each member is allowed only one account in this Freizeitgruppe, to be used solely and personally. Couples are asked to create a separate account per person to facilitate communication and event registration. It is helpful to know who you are chatting with in the Klönschnack (chat) or who sends you a PN (private message/conversation). It is also useful if only one of the couple registers or deregisters from an event.

Basic Rules for Behavior in the Freizeitgruppe

Interaction with Other Members

We maintain a friendly, respectful, and polite interaction within this forum. Please treat other members as you would like to be treated. Our most important rules in this Freizeitgruppe are based on the German Basic Law, briefly stated in our own words: In our Freizeitgruppe, all members are equal and are treated equally, and all members should handle it the same way. Original quote from Article 3 of the Basic Law: "[...] No one shall be disadvantaged or favored because of their gender, descent, race, language, homeland and origin, faith, religious or political views. No one shall be disadvantaged because of their disability. [...]" For this reason, we do not accept racism, incitement, or disparagement of people with different opinions, beliefs, origins, skin color, or sexuality.

Handling Content in This Forum

This Freizeitforum is a space where only registered members are allowed to read and write. Posts, pictures, and profiles are not publicly viewable. Therefore, the content of this forum may not be used, copied, published, or otherwise utilized or distributed outside the forum.

Guidelines for Pictures, Photos, and Other Media Used in Posts

The creator of a post must own the rights to the pictures, photos, or other media used. This means: Either the media must have been created by oneself or the usage or publication rights must be owned. Photos, pictures, or other media from external websites may not be included in one's posts without explicit permission or release from the rights holders.

Advertising in the Freizeitforum

Advertisements for non-profit associations and (aid) organizations active in the social sector and not seeking profit are allowed. Commercial advertising is generally not allowed in the Freizeitgruppe Bremen, regardless of the scale. Political advertising of any kind and party advertising are also prohibited, regardless of political direction. If you are unsure, please write to or speak directly with us, the admin team, before posting anything.

Revocation of Usage Rights

We run this Freizeitforum completely privately in our spare time and finance this website out of our own pockets without any membership fees or similar. We, the operators of this forum, reserve the right to withdraw the right to use our Freizeitgruppe from individual users at any time and without giving reasons, either temporarily or permanently. Access to these pages cannot be demanded, sued for, or enforced in any other way.